Dunia Finance Review

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Dunia Finance Review

Tue Nov 08, 2016 10:31 am

Few days Back I'm at the Filipino Restaurant with my Fil. friends Somewhere in Karama, Dubai.. The people next to us are Talking about dunia finance... and look like they're very upset about this financing institution. I heard about them actually and even me im starting to wonder, because when you google them you will read alot of different point of view about them.

So okay how about you guys...Please share your experience with them... are they good company..! are they have understanding attitude toward customer? or some kind a opposite..? Please comment below and share your thought..!

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Re: Dunia Finance Review

Tue Nov 08, 2016 5:58 pm

For me: I'm going to Add a review for those people in UAE..Who wanted to Join to this Company " Better think Twice "

Words fall short to express how unprofessional and unethical a company can get. There is no place for employee emotions at this place. Dont fall for the brand, coz its got a very bad reputation in the market for ruining people's life. They charge exorbitant amount of interests and people you meet will just end up cursing you for being a part of this company. Your managers will take an oath on the day you join to make you life so miserable, that you may think of ending up your life many times. Dont be surprised if you start liking Dubai's labours life more relaxed then yours. You will never get incentives because making a sale over here is next to impossible. And the basic salary that they give you, you will end up spending all of it just for getting business for this company. If you dont give them bookings they will just make your life miserable to the extent that you will start getting sleepless nights. SO THINK MILLION TIMES BEFORE JOINING AS A RELATIONSHIP OFFICER. BECAUSE IF YOU JOIN AND RESIGN/GET TERMINATED BEFORE SIX MONTHS, they will give you a Bonus of 1 year labour ban.
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Re: Dunia Finance Review

Tue Nov 08, 2016 6:07 pm

I hate Dunia Finance and if i could I would completely shut down their whole BUSINESS.

I was so incredibly naive they have taken that a an advantage and completely turned my life upside down for over a year! and more years to come unless I pay this off soon with INSANE INTERESTS!!

I lived in Dubai my whole life, born and raised. Never had a bank account and never learned anything about credit cards and ect. I was always provided money by my parents.

Since my parent have now retired and I'm in Dubai starting my career, I needed a bit of money for the holidays. I didn't want to ask anybody for money or anything. I ended up deciding that I wanted to take a tiny amount of 10k from Dubai Finance.

I got in touch with a Dunia Finance Sales person and they told me the minimum is 15k, but then I was informed I could only take 20k during the supposedly "final stages" of my applications.

When I finally received the amount, I read the letter stating it was 39.99% interest for four years, PER YEAR! I was shocked. When I was informed it was only 39.99% in total of the four years. In fact, I initially only wanted it to be 1 year or at least 2!! and I got 4!!!

Needless to say, I've paid them back over 10, 224 for the past year now and am yet to pay them 30, 672 which brings the total to: AED 40, 896 I need to pay. 159.96% interest for the 4 years. the original amount provided to me is AED 19, 500. Time for you (the reader) to GASP!

On top of that, they recently tried to deposit the security check I gave because during the new year, they tried to take the amount required on the 3rd (which is usually on the 1st), but I was 28FILLS short.
They called me that same day and asked me to deposit the money, I told them there was a sufficient amount till I found out of the missing 28 fills which I then quickly added more money to my account. After I added more money to my account, THEY TRIED TO DEPOSIT THE CHEQUE! which then lead my bank to deduct AED 100 as a "cheque returning fee" and left me with AED 770 of the original AED 870. THEN THEY TRIED TO DEDUCT THE AMOUNT AGAIN !!!

I couldn't believe it. I was stunned. I can't believe how insane on how these companies work.

Then there is the collections department... My idea of these people: They are like wild dogs barking at you. They called on the 3rd of Jan (the same they they tried to deduct the money) and they acted as if I didn't pay for weeks!!! Unbelievable how disgustingly sad and pathetic their lives must be to work in such a department to be trained to bark at people like that. They may be good people but to seriously be so rude like that is unjustified! Sadly it was also my birthday.

I admit I am so naive and I would expect all the trolls to comment on how insanely dumb I am. How stupid it was for me to get myself into this in the first place.

I urge everyone to never ever borrow amount from banks especially from these people or anyone! Even if your life depends on it. There are many charitable societies that can help you if it really does mean your life depends on it or if it is for any reason like mine, (which was to buy presents for christmas) DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

You should not have the need to think twice about borrowing money from the bank, not after reading this at least. Don't even think about it.
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Re: Dunia Finance Review

Wed Nov 09, 2016 3:52 pm

What I've read a week ago in one website in UAE..that this Establishment are looking for buyer..I dont know but i think the business is down for them...seems people are not happy to go for..! And Bank on my point of view it is better to loan from the bank than financing company because of the high interest. Anyway, Take care guys..!
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Re: Dunia Finance Review

Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:35 am

Cool One! Dunia Finance in UAE, Actually doing some advertisement recently to Help other people to have the same faith as others. The Ads ask for Attention: to all rent a car operators, bus rental firms, transport companies, and tour operators. The offer says faster and fast loan for 2, 10 or more cars... seems they have still enough money to lend with people in needs. They earned a lot from people for the past few years, they might or maybe having low income this year, but i believe they have still enough people to rob and robbed for the next few years to come. Imagine if you lent 10,000/- For the next 2.5 years you're going to pay only the interest, then after - thats the only time your 10,000/- will start to less.(5 years to pay loan). So before you go with your decision think seven times, don't listen with their sales...sales...sales..they just want sale...sale Ok.! Hope I provide some info.